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How to Become a NAPO-NY Member

NAPO-NY Chapter Membership Classifications

Regular Member:

$150 (NAPO member doing or considering doing business as an Organizer with voting and office-holding rights)

$50 (NAPO member residing outside a 100-mile radius of Times Square, New York City, with voting and office-holding rights)

Corporate Associate Member:

Representative of a company or business related to organizing. Does not have to be a member of NAPO.

See a list of the benefits of associate membership.

Primary Company Representative (has voting and office-holding rights):

$350 (includes logo placement on NAPO-NY home page)

Secondary Company Representative (has no voting or office-holding rights):


Ready to join NAPO-NY?

Select the appropriate category of membership along with any optional benefits and join NAPO-NY today.

Membership in NAPO National is a prerequisite for NAPO-NY membership. If you are not currently a NAPO National member, join NAPO now.