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Interested in Becoming an Organizer?

So you want to be an Organizer…

While being organized yourself is a definite asset, simply doing what works for you may not work for a client. Critical skills that a Professional Organizer must have are the ability to create customized organizing solutions for each client and the ability to clearly communicate the steps necessary to implement them.

Keep in mind that running a business and communicating effectively with potentially complex clients may require skill sets that do not overlap with organizing. That said, becoming a Professional Organizer can be viewed as an important journey of personal and professional growth, and for the most part, experience will be your guide as you evolve professionally.

NAPO-NY's mission is to encourage the development of Professional Organizers and to promote recognition of and advance the professional organizing industry in the New York metropolitan area. There are numerous benefits to being a part of the NAPO-NY community.