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Collette Shine

Collette Shine dove into the world of professional organizing in 2008. One of the important things Collette discovered is that getting organized is not so much about the stuff as it is about helping people. That realization led Collette to start Organize and Shine, LLC.

Collette’s prior business experience in both marketing and project management in the specialized furniture and fashion industries provided her with useful skills that fit perfectly with professional organizing. Collette has an undergraduate degree from The George Washington University and a MBA from Fordham University.

Collette has been a member of NAPO and its New York chapter since 2008. In addition, Collette is a member of the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD) as well as the Association of Personal Photo Organizers (APPO). Collette previously served four terms on the board as Professional Development Director.

Vice President

Alyssa Younger

Alyssa Younger, President of Master Plan Organizers, has been organizing New York residents and businesses since 2004. She not only helps individuals get organized in their homes and businesses but she also teaches time management and goal setting skills. She served as the chapter's Membership Director from 2007-2014 and also received her certification as a Certified Professional Organizer in 2007. Alyssa is a member of the Institute of Chronic Disorganization. She uses many of these skills when working with her clients who struggle to manage extraordinary circumstances such as Depression and Traumatic Brain Injury. In her free time, Alyssa enjoys traveling to other countries where she often volunteers her time to those in need and enjoys sharing her organizing skills.


Rebecca Wood

Rebecca Wood is the founder of rebeccaREorganize, specializing in paper and data management, whose mission is to help people simplify their systems and data to make room for what’s truly important in their lives. She’s known for her attention to detail and reliability and infuses each client session with fun and creativity. She has lived in New York City for more than eight years during which she gained valuable insight and experience through her work at various financial firms and non-profit organizations.

Rebecca originally hails from the Washington, D.C. area, has a background in the creative arts, and earned her undergraduate degree from Syracuse University. Though she joined NAPO just last year, it became very clear how beneficial this organization and the NY chapter are to professional organizers. She’s excited and honored to serve on the board as secretary.


Margaret Barritt

Margaret Barritt joined NAPO-NY in 2011 and became the Chapter Librarian in 2012. In addition to her duties as keeper of NAPO conference CDs, Margaret is looking forward to serving the chapter as Treasurer.

Margaret’s years as an administrative assistant and office manager taught her the importance of organization, time management and accountability. As founder of MB Organizing she specializes in assisting clients with home-based businesses and passing on these skills.

Margaret has a BA in English Literature from Newton College of the Sacred Heart and is the author of several children’s books. Before devoting herself to administrative work, Margaret taught pre-school. She designed classrooms to reflect children’s interests and individual learning styles with an additional goal of teaching responsibility for and care for materials.

Director of Professional Development

Sandra Schustack

Sandra began her organizational journey as a young girl. She was constantly rearranging furniture, decorating and organizing in order to transform her environment. Sandra’s mom didn't always appreciate these organizational whims and never knew if/when the furniture or cabinet contents would be in the same place when she returned home from the office. Professional Organizer, Linda Parks responded quite differently to Sandra’s talent. She immediately put Sandra to work for her Chicago based company, Clear Your Space. Sandra was a natural and quickly became an invaluable team member.

After 5 years of organizing, staging and managing moves for hundreds of clients, Sandra followed her heart to NYC and pursued a dream of making television. She went on to become an award-winning Producer, working with national and global brands including Disney, Nickelodeon, General Mills, Kraft, and Proctor & Gamble. Sandra also worked with dozens of schools, film festivals and small businesses to develop children’s production workshops and classes. Although her endeavors within the arts were rewarding, Sandra feels there’s nothing like the immediate satisfaction of transforming a physical space and helping clients on their journey towards organized living.

Sandra returned to her roots, recently partnering with her mentor Linda Parks to open Clear Your Space East. She travels between Chicago and New York to clear clutter one space at a time. Sandra is a NAPO member and currently serves as the NAPO-NY Director of Professional Development.

Director of Membership

Anna Lieber

Anna Lieber has over three decades of experience in organizing, design and business. She founded Organized Space Works in 2007 to help clients leverage their time, space and mindset for optimal results. Anna’s work includes residential organization, business productivity, estates, staging, downsizing and relocations. She helps individuals challenged by chronic disorganization, hoarding and ADD, and assisted on TLC’s Hoarding: Buried Alive.

From 1988-2007, Anna operated Lieber Brewster Design, Inc., a marketing consultancy serving top companies and small business. She was featured in O, The Oprah Magazine, as a business owner bouncing back after 9/11.

An accomplished speaker, writer and teacher, Anna presented at NAPO-NY’s Organize with New York Style conference. She has written the chapter’s PR since 2011. Anna is a member of NAPO’s Golden Circle and the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD). Anna’s mission as Membership Director is encouraging members to make their unique contribution to the organizing industry.

Director of Communications & Technology

Marcia Morante

Marcia Morante is the founder and CEO of Productive Organizing, a company focused on the productivity issues faced by solo entrepreneurs.  She designs filing systems for paper and electronic information and teaches clients how to use their time effectively and efficiently. She is also a technology coach and guides her clients in using automated systems to support their efforts.  Prior to founding her own business, Marcia worked for 20+ years in technical and managerial capacities with companies that marketed search engines and content management systems.

Marcia joined NAPO in 2011. She wrote for the NAPO-NY newsletter and currently serves on the NAPO Board as Communications and Technology Director. Marcia is also a pro bono Director of the non-profit Human Spirit Initiative and has served on the Executive Committees of the Information Architecture Institute and the New York chapter of the Usability Professionals Association. 

Director of Marketing

Jessica Decker

Jessica started Become Organized in 2008 and specializes in whole home organizing for busy professionals. She has more than a decade of corporate experience creating filing systems and managing projects. She brings this experience and more than a thousand hours of organizing experience to each project.

As Director of Marketing, Jessica uses her extensive marketing education and work experience in the position. During the 2013 - 2014 year, prior to becoming Director of Marketing, Jessica was Social Media Coordinator for the chapter. 

Associate Member Director

Colleen Lonergan

Colleen Lonergan is founder of Paint an interior painting company that focuses on expert color services and painting.  She has been an associate member of NAPO since November 2012. 

Colleen’s background is in Fine Art.  She receive a BFA from Hunter College in 2001, focusing on color theory and painting.  She also has studied Feng Shui interior space principals, sustainability and works in space planning as well as color planning.

Her work translates from home to office and wholesale/retail showrooms .  Her goal is to make spaces not only beautiful but energy efficient, functionally efficient and highly profitable.

Immediate Past President

Stephanie Shalofsky

Stephanie Shalofsky is the founder of The Organizing Zone whose mission is to help small companies and individuals transform their combat zones into comfort zones. Since 2008, she has used her creativity and passion for organizing, honed over 20+ years in corporate management and operations, to create customized solutions for her clients so that they are more productive, less stressed and have more time in their day. As a New York City resident and home-based business owner, Stephanie has experienced first-hand many of the same challenges facing her clients.

Stephanie has been a member of NAPO-NY since 2007 and recently completed her second term as President of the chapter. Her prior service to the chapter includes 3 years as Marketing Director and stints as Newsletter Ad Sales Manager and PR Coordinator. Stephanie is also a Golden Circle member.